Turn EITC into a Community College


In the May 16th Election

On May 16th, Bonneville County voters will decide whether to turn Eastern Idaho Technical College into a community college to be called the College of Eastern Idaho. A vote in favor will boost local educational opportunities and strengthen the local economy.

View videos by various Bonneville County residents here.  Also view our ad listing over 500 Bonneville County residents publicly backing a community college here.

Looking for something you can print out? Here is an informative brochure. 

Concerned about the Cost?  Learn more here.

7 Reasons to Vote "YES" on May 16th:

"We believe that the great benefit to our local education, to our families and to our businesses makes the community college a very solid investment for our local community." -- Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce
  1. Create 900 jobs (2/3 in the private sector) and boost our economy by $66 million a year according to the economic impact study prepared by the Research & Business Development Center in Rexburg (staffed by BYU-Idaho professors). View the community college study panel report here (particularly pages 30-40). Also, see the impact on helping local residents get employment here.
  2. Allow local residents to obtain higher education for much less cost than other options in the region. For instance, per credit costs will be roughly 1/3 that of ISU and about 20% cheaper than BYU-Idaho.
  3. Preserve and expand the technical courses currently offered by EITC.
  4. Unlike EITC today, a community college can provide college credits that freely transfer elsewhere in Idaho.
  5. Boost dual credit classes for local high school students, allowing them to earn college credits before graduating at a greatly reduced cost.
  6. Put a local elected board of trustees in charge and accountable for the future direction of the new College of Eastern Idaho. Learn more here.
  7. The cost will be only $13.37 a year or $1.11 a month for the average local homeowner. The maximum increase for that same homeowner would be 40 cents a year. That is based on a study of the actual cost to operate EITC adding in the expense of community college courses. Our group has committed to pushing the State Board of Education to only appoint initial governing trustees who will implement these numbers. The president of the State Board of Education has vowed to only appoint initial trustees who will implement these numbers.

Learn more on each of these topics here.

Make sure your vote counts and commit to vote on May 16th.

Join the effort by volunteering or making a contribution or sharing online.

View videos by various Bonneville County residents here

Citizens for Affordable Higher Education is the local, Bonneville County campaign committee made of local business and community people dedicated to converting EITC into a community college.

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