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Drafting the Best Dissertation Outline For Your PhD Paper

An outline ranks among the most helpful tools you will use when drafting your doctoral paper. It gives you an idea of how points will flow from the first one to the last. It also helps you identify whether you have enough points to complete your paper. A good dissertation chapter outline will improve the quality of paper you produce. A bad outline will leave you confused and make completing of your paper a nightmare. What should you consider when drawing your outline?

The Thesis Statement Tops Your Paper

The thesis statement is the guiding principle whenever you are drawing your paper. Every point will be drawn from this statement. In fact, the research questions seek to answer or address issues insinuated in the statement. Without this statement, you are likely to be misled and end up with a paper that does not address your important questions. Your PhD dissertation outline must therefore be guided by this statement in order to be effective.

Major Points Are Then Listed and Clearly Labelled

Being brainstorming on the major points you are going to use in anchoring your arguments. You should refer to the dissertation outline proposal because it made a commitment on the issues your paper will eventually address. The points are first listed in a haphazard manner. Since you cannot control how points pop out of your mind, first list the points without following any order. You will then evaluate the strength of each point and how you can use it strategically in your paper. Some points will be strong enough to open your paper. Others will be perfect for an ending. Having identified this order, label them and begin working on the support materials.

Indicate the Supporting Ideas Below Each Point

Indicate below each idea the sub-points you are going to use. Check how these sub-points are entered in dissertation proposal outline sample. These points must be relevant and supported by quality reference materials. The sub-points also have to be ordered under each main point because they also pop up in un-orderly fashion. The ideas can be subdivided further if there is need. They will appear as subheadings on your paper and other subtitles below these secondary headings.

It is Not Static and Can Be Changed

The outline is only meant to guide you in the writing process. In the course of research or crafting your paper, you may realize that a point is better used at the introduction or conclusion. You are at liberty to break the order you adapted at the outline. This means that your paper will appear different from the dissertation introduction outline you had prepared. However, the changes should not affect the logical flow of ideas. Ensure that the idea that opens a chapter is strong enough to make a statement. You should also finish with a strong point that is memorable to readers.

Use an Example

Refer to the dissertation outline APA format example available to boost the quality of your work. The example has already been drawn it therefore makes it easy to develop yours through imitation.

Consult your supervisor whenever you have to draw your dissertation defense outline. You will find unique elements that are captured in instructions issues or the tradition of your department. By developing a quality outline, your paper will be captivating to read.