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Dissertation Introduction Chapter: Things To Write Under This Section

How does a good “dissertation introduction structure looks like?” is a question many students ask themselves. Most students know what to include in other chapters when they are completing their dissertation, but introduction chapter is more nebulous – there’s no specific detailed explanation on what to include. Why is this so? It all depends on the content of the entire chapters (literature review, methodology, data analysis, results & discussion, recommendation, and conclusion).

However, there are some commonalities in the dissertation introduction chapter outline that students should include. Here are some things that should be factored in when writing any dissertation introduction.

  1. Include research questions depending on your hypothesis and other dissertation requirements. Make sure you get the dissertation introduction tense right.
  2. The introduction section should have a justification for the research analysis that is to follow. It must be clear how the research will influence the field of study to which it relates.
  3. Include a brief summary in about one or two paragraphs of research that will follow in your next chapter. This can also be combined with research justification content.
  4. List down the objectives of the study. Keep note of the dissertation introduction length so that you don’t write too much fluff content.
  5. In case the study you’re undertaking have some controversies, you can briefly argue them out as pointed out by different authors. Make sure to voice your own opinion on the matter based on the research you have completed.
  6. It should have a brief introduction to the research design and methodology chapter stating whether the research is qualitative or quantitative. Make it clear whether you applied sample groups or random samplings. Just a brief of it because you will go into details in the main methodology chapter.

Get ideas from your dissertation research proposal

To be certain of the details to include, make use of your proposal that approved by the tutor. Remember the proposal contained the following: statement of the research question, justification of the question, how you will answer the question through the methodology, and how you will handle data analysis and provide results and discussion. All these details provide you with the ideas of how to structure your introduction.

Introduction checklist

  1. A compelling opening statement
  2. A clearly stated research problem
  3. Specific research questions
  4. Detailed research hypothesis
  5. Who benefits from your research and how do they benefit
  6. A brief of how you will answer research questions
  7. What methods you will apply to get answers and how you will carry out data analysis
  8. A brief content on the limitation of the study. Use dissertation introduction example to know how it’s done.

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