How much will it cost?

  • This is one of the most compelling reasons to create a community college.
  • EITC’s current buildings can handle 4,000 students (it currently has 700). No other Idaho community college had that sort of head start.
  • The State of Idaho has offered $5 million towards startup costs. Once created a local community college would primarily be funded by student tuition & fees, liquor tax funds and state community college funding.
  • State law requires some local funding. The local requirement is a small increase in property taxes, estimated to be $13.37/year for the average homeowner in Bonneville County or a bit more than $1 a month. That is based on a detailed budget developed by a study panel last year that carefully reviewed EITC's historical costs plus what it would take to add in the academic community college functions. You can view that budget here (check out page 27).
  • That is roughly one-third what the average taxpayer pays for the county dump. A family sending one student to a community college for one semester would save 167 times that much (for a student taking 10 credits) over sending that same student to ISU. 

But, don't the opponents claim the cost will be much more?

They assert the cost will be 10x.  But, they have never prepared a budget justifying that nor did they participate in any of the meetings of the study panel which were open to the public. They point to two of Idaho's other community colleges, CSI and NIC, but fail to point out their higher costs are because local taxpayers have built extensive campuses (we don't need to do that with EITC).  They dismiss the fact that CWI in Nampa/Caldwell costs within a dollar of the $13.37 cost for our community college claiming that the CWI tax base is bigger. It is 6.5x bigger but CWI's student body is 6x what we expect here.  That means the tax base per student is equivalent.

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