Key Supporters of turning EITC into a community college on May 16th

Key supporters of the effort to turn EITC into a community college:

  • Mario Hernandez, owner Teton Toyota & Teton Volkswagen (view his video here)
  • Dr. John Liljenquist, prominent local physician (view his video here)
  • Doug Crabtree, CEO of Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
  • Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce (view letter in support here)
  • Greater Idaho Falls Association of REALTORS
  • Idaho Associated General Contractors
  • Park & Sharon Price (view Park's videos in support here and here)
  • Lisa & Bryce Burtenshaw
  • Ken & Karma Taylor
  • Doug & Billie Nelson
  • Idaho Falls Mayor Rebecca Casper
  • Kerry & John Martin
  • Fred Hughes, President Fluor Idaho (view his video here)
  • Greg Carr
  • Amy Lientz
  • Senator Bart Davis
  • Bank of Idaho
  • Ella Radford (A local high school student, view her great video here)
  • Rex & Tiffany Redden
  • Ammon Mayor Dana Kirkham
  • Randy & Deb Kern
  • Cal & Cindy Ozaki
  • Steve and Jackie Larsen
  • Joseph & Jeanne Groberg
  • John Radford (view his videos here and here)
  • Senator Dean Mortimer
  • Michael Whyte and Tammie Eddings Whyte
  • Ann Rydalch (view here video here)
  • David Lent
  • Keagan Loveland
  • Ralph & Mary Lynn Hartwell
  • Former State Rep. Linden Bateman
  • Jerry & Ann Shively
  • Bateman-Hall, Inc.
  • Carol Ormond 
  • Jerry & Carrie Scheid (view the Scheids' video here)
  • Idaho Central Credit Union
  • Steve & Cindy Carr
  • Bonneville County Commissioner David Radford
  • Lyle & Bonnie Taggart
  • Michael & Heather Medema
  • John & John, PLLC, CPAs
  • Debbie Orme
  • Bob Johnson
  • Larry Jones
  • Former Idaho Falls Mayor Linda Milam
  • Roger & Pam Mayes
  • Tim & Anne Hopkins
  • Kareen & Jim Freeman
  • Anne Staton Voilleque
  • Stan & Debra Searle
  • Chris Perkola-Lee (view her video here)
  • Greg Calder
  • Adam Olsen (view Adam's video here)
  • Louise Nelson
  • Lee & Linda Gagner
  • Deidre Warden (District 91 School Board member) & Dr. David R. Warden
  • Howard Eloe
  • Taylor Romrell
  • Linda and John Hill
  • Kevin & Lisa King
  • Boyd & Heidi Southwick
  • Ron & Nancy Lechelt
  • Laura Cooley
  • Rep. Wendy Horman
  • Maria Whitmill Bates
  • And, most importantly, we need YOU! 

Make sure your vote counts and commit to vote on May 16th. And, join the effort by volunteering or making a contribution or sharing online.

View videos by various Bonneville County residents here. 

What Local Residents Say:

"To thrive, local businesses need great employees. A local community college will provide a steady stream of trained workers, helping local businesses grow." --- Mario Hernandez, President of Teton Toyota & Teton Volkswagen

"With increased automation, good jobs will go to those with strong skills. If we don’t provide an affordable way to get education locally, many will find themselves on the sideline when it comes to good jobs.” --- Dr. John Liljenquist

"A community college will save local students and their families significant money. Tuition at the new College of Eastern Idaho will be significantly lower than elsewhere in the region." --- Doug Crabtree CEO, EIRMC

"I think creating a community college is the highest priority for our community. If there is one thing we could do to improve and advance our community, this would be it." -- Joseph Groberg, former Idaho Falls City Councilmember

Citizens for Affordable Higher Education is the local, Bonneville County campaign committee made of local business and community people dedicated to converting EITC into a community college.


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